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  • Cono-flex Red Dragon

    This slim, all carbon, fine tipped mixed ground rod is made in the popular 2 equal piece format, which presents a nice balanced rod with a smooth through action tip for better bait delivery, while still retaining a high lifting profile to control ‘double doggies through weed and over rocks.

  • Cono-flex SLR Premier

    The ‘Bully’ of the three in the SLR range of rods. (Previously the Nemesis SLR range) More rugged for those heavier conditions and a lot more grunt to cast those bigger baits. A good over head thumper able to hold bottom without ripping the lead out of the sea bed, so an ideal choice for the Bristol Channel. Top division fishing!

  • Cono-flex SLR Plus

    Cono-flex SLR Plus available in both 13ft and 14ft, retains all the qualities of the original Nemesis Plus but twice as light. Suitable for fishing on the North East coastline. Casts like a dream without the heartburn. A Smooth Loveable Rogue.(Previously in the Nemesis SLR range)

  • Cono-Flex Anubis Plus

    The Cono-flex Anubis range of rods were the inspiration of Alec Harvey and Bob Gascoigne, two of the top Geordies on the North-east angling circuit. Alec and Bob tried the 6 oz Anubis rod and liked it but said it still needed more, for where big fish and thick kelp was a problem. So we did the maths, calculated the Carbons and got it right. ‘Best rock rod this century’ the Anubis Plus.

  • Cono-flex Flattie Beach Quiver

    Conoflex Flattie Beach Quiver is a 13ft 1-3oz estuary or surf beach rod of 2-equal pieces and a spliced solid glass quiver tip. The Flattie Beach Quivier is ideal for fishing a double bullet rig for flatfish that like a bait presented hard on the bottom, also ideal for rigs such as a baited spoon trundled in the surf or tide.

  • Cono-flex Jedi Kayak QT

    Specialist Jedi Kayak QT (Quiver Tip) rod built on a 4lb TC S Glass blank with a spliced in solid glass quiver tip. Specialist 7ft lightweight S Glass Blank with 18in solid tip spliced for ultimate bite detection and no flat spots. Ideal for Multiplier or Fixed Spool loaded with thin braid to allow the ‘Yak’ angler to go even lighter for a great angling experience. Whist designed for the ‘Yak’ this rod also doubles as a brilliant boat Bass rod.

  • Cono-Flex Easy Cast

    The 12ft 6in (3.8m) Easy Cast follows the well established format of long tip and short handle, the two connected by a spigot. The tip is 92 inches of black, unground blank whipped in gold-tipped red, with Fuji BLVLG and BSVLG rings on the multiplier version and Fuji BSVLG rings for fixed spool. Multiplier casters get coaster clips on a slim 25mm dia rubber-sleeved handle that is 58 inches in length.

Welcome to Cono-flex

Conoflex has been manufacturing high quality British designed rods and composite tubes for over 40 years. Michael McManus, who founded the company in 1972, created rods which soon became the benchmark of British rod building quality.

Conoflex produces full build, part build or blanks for anglers throughout the world. We innovate, test and improve our products continuously to give you the best performing rod you will ever find. We supply electronic components that have become obsolete, are on allocation or just hard to find. We work with some of the biggest companies in the world, including the top rated bookmakers like these who use our skills for kitting out their high street stores.


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Flattie Beach Quiver

Flattie Beach Quiver "All of a Quiver" Sea Anglers' own Paul Fenech reports on the Cono-flex Flattie Beach Quiver. "The long rod revolution marches on with the introduction of a new British-built, two piece quiver-tip rod from Cono-flex" > Read More

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