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Nemesis SLR Premier

Cono-flex Nemesis SLR Premier 13ft. Optimum Casting Wt. 6ozs

Previously known as the Nemesis SLR Premier

The ‘Bully’ of the three in the SLR range of rods. More rugged for those heavier conditions and a lot more grunt to cast those bigger baits. A good over head thumper able to hold bottom without ripping the lead out of the sea bed, so an ideal choice for the Bristol Channel. Top division fishing!

Nemesis SLR Premier Factory Build Details

Price £404.80

Factory build details Cono-Flex SLR Premier

Nemesis SLR Premier factory finished weight: 722 gms

Factory finished with Fuji BNLG guides and coasters.

Nemesis SLR Premier Blank Only Details

Price £314.80

Rod Blank details Cono-Flex SLR Premier

Cono-flext Nemesis SLR Premier

  • Tip Length: 84 inches push-in
  • Butt Length: 6 ft plus Spigot
  • Tip Diameter: 4.0mm
  • Butt Diameter: 26mm




Heavy Ground Rods & Blanks

Cono-flex Rods & Blanks

Cono-flex Heavy Ground Rods with a high lifting action to suit fishing over weed and rocks or for casting big baits

Sliding Reel Fittings

CAUTION: Conoflex cannot recommend the type of sliding reel fitting that uses a single end of the reel foot as a clamp.

This design creates a local pressure point and can cause the butt to go oval, which can lead to failiure when used with the reel in the top hand.

Instead use a reel fitting with a clamp based on a coaster or collet design.

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