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Maverick 5

Cono-flex Maverick 5 12ft, Casting wt 5oz

A versatile carbon composite rod designed to suit the needs of the average angler. A tip firm enough for overhead casting with a through action butt for a more forgiving application of power. At 12’ and 5oz opt. weight, this competitively priced rod is ideal for fishing up to the 100yd. mark.

Maverick 5 Factory Build Details

Price £205.18

Cono-flex Maverick 5 Factory Build Details.

  • Tip Length: 7ft 6 inch
  • Butt Length: 5ft
  • Tip Diameter: 3.25mm
  • Butt Diameter: 25.2mm
  • Blank Weight: 613 gms

Maverick 5 Blank Only Details

Price £115.18

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General Purpose & Mixed Ground

Cono-flex Rods & Blanks

Cono-flex General Purpose or Mixed Ground Rods to cast 5 to 6 oz, with a medium tip to suit a wide variety of venues and situations.

Sliding Reel Fittings

CAUTION: Conoflex cannot recommend the type of sliding reel fitting that uses a single end of the reel foot as a clamp.

This design creates a local pressure point and can cause the butt to go oval, which can lead to failiure when used with the reel in the top hand.

Instead use a reel fitting with a clamp based on a coaster or collet design.

Rod Reviews

In the Cono-flex Gallery we have a number of rod reviews and images of our rods in action. Click here to view reivews.

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