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Jedi QT Kayak

Cono-flex Jedi QT Kayak 7ft. Specialist 7ft lightweight S Glass Blank with 18in solid tip spliced for ultimate bite detection and no flat spots. Ideal for Multiplier or Fixed Spool loaded with thin braid to allow the ‘Yak’ angler to go even lighter for a great angling experience.

Whist designed for the ‘Yak’ this rod also doubles as a brilliant boat Bass rod.

Jedi QT Kayak Factory Build Details

Price £132.30

Cono-flex Jedi QT Kayak 7ft. S Glass Spliced Tip into an S Glass Blank fitted with Fuji lined rings with solid black whips, screw-winch reel seat, hook keeper just above the Duplon handle and mini butt button.

Jedi QT Kayak Blank Only Details

Price £0.00

Factory Build Only




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