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FF1 FOO Fighter 1

Cono-flex FF1 FOO FIGHTER is constructed of 100% carbon-graphite and it is LONGER! At 4.5 metres or a little under 15ft it is one of the longest and lightest Cono-flex rods available to date!

The long rod is becoming very popular on some of today’s catch & release match fishing circuits, espedally when needing to ‘size down’ in tackle and fish with small baits on long trace rigs, or when bubble floating for Gar’s with a ‘clothes fine’ rig over the back breaker then step forward the FOC FIGHTER FF1.

Being both light in weight and slim in profile this rod is also smooth to cast when stood in the surf whilst fishing for Bass. When sat in the angler’s rod tripod the length of this rod will gain you that much needed extra height to combat those tricky conditions.

The difference with the FOO FIGHTER FF1 to other long fishing rods is that it comes in two pieces, this is not a three piece travel rod. As research found, most UK anglers already possess long tips in their rod quivers. So this rod’s two equal 90” sections should slide comfortably in amongst the angler’s other much loved fishing tools.

The FOO FIGHTER FF1 is not designed as a tournament casting rod or for winching up cliffs nor reeling in the sea bottom.

FF1 FOO Fighter 1 Factory Build Details

Price £302.74

The FF1 FOO FIGHTER is factory built with Fuji BNLG guides and coasters. Cono-flex supply the reel seat loose as every angler has his own preferred reel position. The push-in tip smartly comes with a reflective tip for night visibility and an easy grip to assist when assembling.

Factory Finished Weight – 485 gms

FF1 FOO Fighter 1 Blank Only Details

Price £212.74

FF1 FOO Fighter Blank Specifications:

  • Tip Length – 90 inches push in
  • Butt Length – 90 inches
  • Tip Diameter 3.5mm
  • Butt Diameter 21mm


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Specialist Carbon Rods & Blanks

Cono-flex Specialist Carbon

Slim & Light, 100% Graphite. The all carbon range of rods are light and slim with a push in tip section. The flat action casts surprisingly well and fine tips give a good response.

Sliding Reel Fittings

CAUTION: Conoflex cannot recommend the type of sliding reel fitting that uses a single end of the reel foot as a clamp.

This design creates a local pressure point and can cause the butt to go oval, which can lead to failiure when used with the reel in the top hand.

Instead use a reel fitting with a clamp based on a coaster or collet design.

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