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Captive Reducer

Price - £34.84

The Conoflex Captive Reducer can be bonded into the butt of a rod and then used with a simple twist to lock – twist to unlock mechanism. So there is never any need to throw the reducer on to the beach and loose it! It can be supplied to fit either 7/8ths ( 22.2mm ) or 13/16ths ( 20.6mm ) bore tubes and provides a 12 inch extension..

Available to purchase via the accessories page

Reducers & Heat Shrink Tube

Our high quality Diamond Heat Shrink Tube provides extra grip as well as offering the expected protection to the rod butt. Available in a range of colours.

It's not difficult to misplace or loose you original detachable reducer. Why not fit a Cono-flex Captive Reducer instead. The 'Twist Lock' styled mechanism is secured into the butt and extends / retracts as needed without the need to throw the reducer on the beach or shoreline.

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