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Anubis Plus 14ft 7oz

Conoflex Anubis 14 ft Optimum Casting Wt. 7ozs

The Cono-flex Anubis range of rods were the inspiration of Alec Harvey and Bob Gascoigne, two of the top Geordies on the North-east angling circuit. These two lads felt there was a demand for a new Cono-flex beach caster, specifically for their area and offered their services for design and testing.

The qualities required of this rod were straight forward;

  • This rod needed to be powerful to cast big baits good distances, but not break your back whilst doing so.
  • It needed to show good bite indication, but not fold up as “guts” are an important factor for when retrieving through rocks and kelp, characteristics of the rugged North-east beaches.
  • Also a light, well balanced rod that was not going to be cumbersome causing you to lose your footing on the rocks.
  • Finally as longer rods are of the modern trend these days it needed to be 14 ft in length.

The Anubis 6 oz is a fishing rod with a more forgiving action, the tip pulls through more, locking up slowly into the stiff slim butt. Great bite detection, it casts a dream. A very competent rock rod. Top Wearside angler Jim Dobie gives this one the ‘big thumbs up’

So for the Anubis 7 oz Alec and Bob tried the 6 oz rod and liked it but said it still needed more, for where big fish and thick kelp was a problem. So we did the maths, calculated the Carbons and got it right. ‘Best rock rod this century’

Alec and Bob have used Cono-flex rods all their fishing lives, so when they say it’s the best Cono-flex have done for a long time you can really believe them.

Anubis Plus 14ft 7oz Factory Build Details

Price £473.40

Factory build deals Cono-Flex Anubis Plus 7oz

A no nonsense build, with tried and tested Fuji BNLG guides, whipped for either reel high or low with Black/Silver or Black/Gold threads. The tips have a weather proofed reflective tip tape fitted to assist night visibility and an easy grip for tip to butt assembly. The butts are covered with a deluxe diamond grip tube .

Factory Finished Weight: 825 gms

Anubis Plus 14ft 7oz Blank Only Details

Price £383.40

Rod Blank details Cono-Flex Anubis Plus 7oz

Cono-flex Anubis Plus 7oz

  • Tip Length: 86 inches
  • Butt Length: 86 inches with Spigot
  • Tip Diameter: 4.0mm
  • Butt Diameter: 26mm

Anubis Plus 14ft 7oz Blank Guide Spacing

Top row is distance between guides in inches - centre to centre. Lower row is size of guide - using Fuji as standard.

Note: The rings detailed are the intermediate guides, you will have to order the appropreate tip guide as well.

Anubis Plus 14ft 7oz Guide Spacing
4 1/2
5 1/2
6 1/2
7 1/2
8 3/4
12 1/2*


Last Ring is 12 1/2 inches from top of Butt.



Heavy Ground Rods & Blanks

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Sliding Reel Fittings

CAUTION: Conoflex cannot recommend the type of sliding reel fitting that uses a single end of the reel foot as a clamp.

This design creates a local pressure point and can cause the butt to go oval, which can lead to failiure when used with the reel in the top hand.

Instead use a reel fitting with a clamp based on a coaster or collet design.

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