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Cono-flex news. Keep up with the Cono-flex News and Reviews Here. We'll list the latest reviews along with breaking news, such as New Products to the Cono-flex range. There's an archive of older Reviews in the Gallery Section under 'Reviews'

Cono-flex News

Conoflex Jedi Boat Range - Turn to the Light Side
Jan 2013

New: Jedi Boat Range - Turn to the Light Side!

Catch on to the Cono-flex Jedi Boat Range advertisement launched on Pg 91 of Issue 488 of Sea Angler Magazine Jan - Feb 2013 and Also in the March 2013 copy of Total Sea Fishing Magazine (TSF).



Conoflex Flattie Beach Quiver
July-Aug 2012

New: Flattie Beach Quiver

Cono-flex Flattie Beach Quiver advertisement launched in Sea Angler Magazine issue 481 (July-Aug 2012) page 75, advertisement also featured in right column. Why not catch up with Sea Angler at www.gofishing.co.uk

For more reviews on the Flattie Beach Quiver see the rod reviewed in the Feb-March issue, copy here. Sea Angler Review Feb 2012

Latest Cono-flex Reviews

Flattie Beach Quiver
Nov 2012

Conoflex Travel Stick 20lb & 30lb in Ascension Island

A relatively recent passion of mine has been to pursue various exotic species around the world in both fresh water and salt and predominantly from the shore. For quite some time I had been searching for the appropriate rods for the job. I needed something in three sections for easy transport (especially when purpose made rod tubes are out of the question due to space/weight restrictions), a solid backbone for fighting all kinds of fish in all kinds of situations and the toughness to deal with long journeys, long fights and all of the mishaps that occur on trips thousands of miles away from home late at night and early in the morning!

After trying several rods on trips to the Amazon and around South America, with relatively poor results, I followed up on a tip from a friend and purchased two three piece, 9ft travel sticks from Cono-Flex in 20lb and 30lb line class.

I had used Cono-Flex rods with great success for my UK based shore fishing so I knew what to expect; tough, honest rods with real durability and backbone. I was not disappointed. I christened my new rods with a trip to a remote Caribbean island and was immediately impressed; the 20lb class rod makes an excellent heavy spinning tool with just the right backbone to repeatedly hurl huge poppers and heavy jigs out to sea. This backbone also allowed me to subdue many jacks etc that would have lead me a merry dance on previous 'heavy spinning rods'. The 30lb class rods proved its mettle with several stingray and shark to around the 40lb mark taken with large baits on the bottom. Once again the rod proved ideal for the task in hand, chucking whole jacks out to sea with ease.

Chuffed with my new kit I headed out for a trip to Ascension Island earlier this year and the 20lb class rod proved to be an absolute winner in every sense. I landed something like 1500lbs of fish in 7 days, all from the shore on spinning gear including several yellowfin tuna to over 50lbs and the rod coped with everything and more.

The action proved to be perfectly matched the heavy fishing and I was able to fish a large jig something like 60 yards from the shore on heavy braid and really enjoy (if that is the right term!), the long fights. I landed tuna to 55lb+, amberjack to 25lb+ and rainbow runners and black jack to well over 15lb, along with all sorts of other fish.

I didn't have as much chance to fish on the bottom with the 30lb class rod but it handled the grouper and moray eels I did catch with ease. In short; the 20lb and 30lb line class travel sticks are essential pieces of kit for any traveling angler; they have stood up to everything the fish and my clumsiness can throw at them with ease and I am already thinking of buying myself another pair! Team them up with a Fin-Nor reel and heavy Sakuma braid and you are all set!

Bruce McDonald

Catch more of the Ascension Island report at PlanetSeaFishing

Flattie Beach Quiver
June 2012

Flattie Beach Quiver - review submitted to Sea Angling News.

"I Bought this rod on recommendation by Ian Houlton of Moonfleet Angling, Ian recommended it while I was searching for a light/long match rod to use along the Humber estuary. Key to my personal requirements was a 15ft, two section rod capable of putting soft baits a long way intact and on target. I really was not disappointed when I received the rod, and the Sliding reel seat really did impress me! Using the rod for the first time during a match and was hugely impressed with how the rod loaded while protecting my bait, and 15ft of rod allowed me to get over weed and rock margins easily.

Tip action is incredible, you cannot miss even the smallest of bites and reading the rod tip on the retrieve could actually give you an idea of how many fish you are reeling in. A 2.5lb bass is a delight on this rod and the weight of it will allow you to hold it for evermore in the surf. Light and Long, I can see this featuring heavily with the south coast match anglers and long, light rigs are a pleasure to use.

Key for me is the 2 section approach to such a light 15ft rod and with a highly visible tip, it really is my best rod and will be in my armoury in every match and pleasure session. Well done Cono Flex.

Rob Rook, Rotherham"

Catch up with SAN here http://www.seaanglingnews.com

Flattie Beach Quiver
Mar 2012

Flattie Beach Quiver featured in Sea Angler Magazine

"All of a Quiver" Sea Anglers' own Paul Fenech reports on the Cono-flex Flattie Beach Quiver. "The long rod revolution marches on with the introduction of a new British-built, two piece quiver-tip rod from Cono-flex" Paul adds he'll be using the rod in his new Match Season and would definitely use the rod to target species such as Bream, Eel, Garfish and Plaice . . . . Read More


Chesil Beach Match
Feb 2012

CBM featured in Sea Angler Magazine

'Power to the People" Jansen Teakle took a closer look at the Cono-flex Chesil Beach Match and added 'Cono-flex's Chesil Beach Match (CBM) is a flawless fishing rod" Jansen added the best way of loading the rod was via a long drop, by apply the power later he was able to put the lead some considerable distance, key to finding fish during daylight on Chesil Beach . . . . . Read More [Link to feature]


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Conoflex Jedi Boat Range - Turn to the Light Side!


Flattie Beach Quiver


Chesil Beach Match, Flattie Beach Quiver: Images and words copyright Bauer Consumer Media (Sea Angler Magazine) All rights reserved.

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